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Finding your way in Asian supermarkets isn’t always easy, with all its strange looking products and incomprehensible labels. With this site I want to offer a helping hand, provide information on products and ingredients, explain how to use them and refer to good recipes all over the web.

My love for Asian cuisine started when I lived in Beijing for a few years. Back in the Netherlands began the great search for reproducing the taste experiences gained in China. Restaurants in the Netherlands tend to adjust everything to the dutch taste, so the only option was to start cooking myself. Looking for good recipes, browsing through Asian supermarkets, trying to find the ingredients needed to prepare the much missed dishes I learned so much about Asian ingredietnes that I decided to share this.

First in dutch at Aziatische-ingredienten.nl And now in english!

It will probably take a while to translate all 378 existing dutch articles, but at least there’s a start. If you have any question, request or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to hit the reply button. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Enjoy reading and cooking!

Robin Kok a.k.a Kok Robin
(Kok meaning cook in dutch)


Welcome to Asian-ingredients.com — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Robin,

    Thanks so much for doing this! I live in the US, and this guide is very helpful. Looking forward to the English translations.

  2. Great idea! This will hopefully be a great resource for those that want to learn Asian cooking but are unfamiliar with Asian ingredients.

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