Zha Cai (Sichuan Preserved Vegetable)

Zha cai - Preserved Mustard

What’s it called
Sichuan preserved vegetable, Szechwan vegetable, Chinese pickled vegetable, pickled mustard tuber, zha cai / zhàcài / 榨菜 (China). Also: tsa tsai / jar choy / jar choi / ja choi / ja choy / cha tsoi.

What is it?
The pickled, rather strange looking stem of a special kind of mustard cabbage from Sichuan, the Brassica juncea var. tsatsai (see photo). These fist-sized bulby stems are rubbed with plenty of salt, then pressed with weights to slowly release its moisture. Then they are dried, rubbed with red, hot chili paste and left to ferment in big earthenware jars. This process is pretty similar to the way Koreans make kimchi and the taste and texture is a bit like our pickled cucumber.

How to use it?
You usually find Zha Cai in tins. Open the tin, then cut off the piece you need, rinse off the chili paste, de-salt it by soaking it for about half an hour in a cup of water, vinegar or white wine. Then cut it into small strips or cubes and use in all kind of dishes. You can braise, cook, stir-fry or even eat it raw, as a pickle. Zha cai bought in bags usually is already cut into strips for you. Never keep leftovers in the tin, transfer to a small container or plastic bag and keep refrigerated. It will keep for months if not years.

Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Preparing Zha Cai


Zha Cai (Sichuan Preserved Vegetable) — 4 Comments

  1. Do you know an online source for purchasing Zha Cai in tins. Difficult to find in Asian markets these days.

  2. Kennen Sie eine Online-Quelle für den Kauf von Zha Cai in Dosen. In diesen Tagen schwer auf asiatischen Märkten zu finden.
    Ich habe mir den Text der Anfrage einfachh kopiert, weil es mir genau so geht wie Stephanie, aber 2 Jahre später

  3. Ein Asia-Markt in der Kölner Großen Telegraphenstraße (vom Barbarossaplatz kommend auf der linken Seite) verkauft aktuell kleine Tüten von Zha Cai. 80 gr. für 0,55 EUR.

    Allerdings sollte man einen Blick sowohl auf das Haltbarkeitsdatum als auch die Zutatenliste werfen: 19/06/2019 und Geschmacksverstärker E621das gute alte Glutamat und E635 Dinatrium-5’-ribonucleotid

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